Tec.Al. social responsibility

TEC.AL. social responsibility

TEC.AL. is a founding member of “Fondazione Romagna solidale Onlus”.

The business partners of Romagna Solidale have perceived the importance of remembering corporate social responsibility, not only referring to the working conditions of their employees, to the protection of the environment, to the quality of their products, but also to situations of need and poverty present in their territory.

It is an opening to reality determined by the awareness that at the center of everyone’s concern must be placed the person, who has priceless dignity and value.

The Foundation “Romagna Solidale” wishes to improve the quality of life of the weakest individuals in the area through financial help to non-profit organizations operating in sectors such as health protection, disability, care for the elderly and youth training. It was also decided to support voluntary associations working in Africa and Latin America to guarantee the right to study and health and to help local development. The interventions of the foundation want to encourage the growth of non-profit associations, both in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, to get to the self-sustainability of their work.