Our history

Mr. Roberto Fabbri founded Tec.Al snc in 1986, after having gained professional experience as responsible for the technical area in one the major Italian food industries.

TEC.AL snc became TEC.AL srl in 1996.

TEC.AL. started from the beginning to design, manufacture and install lines and plants for food processing, packaging, pasteurization and product handling.

In the first years of activity, the company dedicated itself mainly to the canned vegetables sector. Most production was concentrated on the preservation of fruit, tomatoes and their derivatives.

TEC.AL became a specialist in the filling, cooling and palletizing sectors, obtaining various patents, gaining respect towards its competitor and beginning to install plants abroad.

At the end of the 90s the canned vegetables sector fell into a huge crisis, however, in those years of economic uncertainty TEC.AL realized new lines and expanded its know-how. The opportunity came when a big local company demanded machines for handling, processing and packaging poultry meat.

This new area stimulated TEC.AL, which started to find innovative solutions to facilitate sanitation. After a few years, TEC.AL started an important phase of knowledge and professional growth in the poultry sector, through continuous research and development of new machines. The company has also expanded its machines manufacturing for other food industry sectors like processing of beef, lamb, pork, fish and automated processes for processed meat (hot dogs, hamburgers, kebabs, etc.).

The production expansion and the personnel increase led in 2008 to a necessary enlargement of TEC.AL. factory: offices, production and warehouse spaces were doubled. This new building also made TEC.AL able to test very bulky product lines, previously impossible due to the limited space available.


Today the company has grown up and besides the two company partners, Roberto Fabbri and his son Eng. Luca Fabbri, 35 between employees and contractors work in the Cesena headquarter.

Our core business is devoted to the design and manufacture machines or lines tailored for the customer needs.

The main concept followed is to improve the final product quality by providing simple answers to the customer working operation problems. One important aspect of the machines are the ergonomic requirements, which increases efficiency, productivity and safeguard operators’ health.

TEC.AL. also operates abroad, collaborating with famous international companies. For these new challenges TEC.AL. has adopted a new mentality and a new work organization, in order to have the right approach to the market and to the customers.