TEC.AL. enviromental policy

Most of the machineries and equipment designed and manufactured by TEC.AL. Srl install materials and components fit to come into contact with foodstuff. The supply chain of these materials and articles is submitted to the Good manufacturing practice (GMP) implemented to fulfill of the EC Regulation n. 2023/2006 requirements. The machineries are also designed according to hygienic standards in order to facilitate washing operations and reduce the use of detergents.

 Every machinery designed by TEC.AL. Srl go through a safety risk assessment, before the manufacturing process begins, this includes also anthropometric requirements for the design of workstations. The placing on the market of ergonomic tested equipment guarantees the health and safety of operators.

 TEC.AL. Srl is an energy saving oriented company engaged in reducing energy consumption and cutting carbon dioxide emissions. The company has installed an air conditioning system and a heating system with high grade of efficiency, both gas fueled, as well as more efficient lighting.

 TEC.AL. Srl has implemented an environmental good practice with the aim to reduce plant mixed waste. The environmental impact has now significantly reduced since almost the totality of its production waste are recycled.

 TEC.AL. Srl is member of a non-profit organization named Romagna Solidale which promotes various social initiatives in the area, such as aid for research against cancer, job placement for the disabled, child care of needy families, etc.

 TEC.AL. Srl also fosters non-professional sport activities for young people of its town. The company is one of the main sponsors of a volleyball team.